is a full Craigslist Services provider. We provide everything from Craigslist posting to PVAs and GEO targeted Number also post live ads. Buy Craigslist PVA with a unique Phone Number, Email & IP address. Great Craigslist Posting Service.

“We Offer Top Quality Phone Number used to Create PVA, GEO targeted Forwarding Number and Post Live Ads on Craigslist at Competitive Prices with Excellent Customer Service.”

We guarantee that our numbers will work when verifying any account by phone or we will replace them within 7 days.


Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts for sale ! Best price and good service! We offer Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts (PVA’s) that have been manually created by our experienced team.

Dear Customers

Craigslist Phone verified accounts for sale! Best price and good service! We offer Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts (PVA’s) that have been manually created by our experienced team.


Price List:

Post Live Ads = $1.20 per live ads

USA PVA’s = $1.50 per PVA

USA Phone Number = $2.00 per number


We are offering phone verified Craigslist accounts (PVA’s) for best price and good service.

Every single PVA is created with new and fresh IP Address.

Every single PVA is created with unique Gmail Account.

Every single PVA is created with real US phone number.

We guarantee our PVA’s to be working when delivered to you.


If any accounts are not working within 6 Days of being delivered and no posting activity has been initiated we will replace them. If one of your PVA’s has been suspended on for violating their Terms and Conditions we will not offer a replacement accounts or refund. We will not be responsible for any Ghosting – Flagging – blocking of accounts done by craigslist.

You can discuss with us before odesk by skype anytime.

Skype : monirul301


Phone: +1 917 477 7388





Q: Why do i need to have Craigslist PVA to Place Craigslist ADs?

A:You will need a Phone Verified Account since craigslist only allows a few number of ads every 48 hours, Our Craigslist Posting Service will help you be able to post multiple ads by Purchasing Our Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts.

Q: When will my Phone Verified Accounts be delivered?

A: Your Phone Verified Accounts or Forwarding Phone Numbers will be delivered the same day and a little longer (Up to 48 hours) for large orders since all of our accounts are Hand Made!

Q: What if the PVAs or Phone Numbers i bought from you don’t work?

A: All of our Phone Verified Accounts or Phone Numbers are 100% guaranteed, we have been running for almost 3 years now and we have mastered a lot over the course of those years.

Q: How is the Phone Verified Accounts Created?

A: We create the accounts just like how you would create a regular craigslist account. We change our Computer IP address to match the IP address of the City or State of the account that we are creating.  Eg If we are creating a Phone Verified Account for New York we will change  our Computer’s IP address to match that of New York, and we later Phone Verify the account with a New York City Phone Number.

Q: What type of email accounts do you use?

A: All of our accounts are Gmail made. If you have your own proffered email service provider, please email us or chat with us Live before placing your order.

Q: Can i buy the Phone Verified Accounts in bulk?

A: Yes you can buy as many Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts as possible.

Q: Are these accounts tested before they are delivered?

A: We test every single account before they are delivered to you. Logging into the Phone Verified Account and posting an actual ad on Craigslist takes place so we can stand by our guarantee that they will work for you.

Q: How long will i be able to use these accounts for?

A: You can use these accounts for up to 90 days. When the 90th day is reached the account will asks for a Re-Verification which we do it FREE OF CHARGE.

Q: What IF the accounts ask for Re-Verification?

A:Each Phone Number used to create the account will be forwarded to your Cell phone Number and every time the accounts asks for Verification Just Input the Phone Number used to create the account and the Code will be forwarded to you through either Text Message OR Phone Call.

Q: How do you guys post my ad contents?

A: All ads are posted starting from 7 A.M EST to 11:59 P.M EST between that time frame you can choose exact time when you want your ads to be live or we can automate your ads to go live every  one or two hours.

Q: How will I know for sure that my ads have been posted has I requested?

A: Our craigslist posting software is automated to send you a link of a posted ad every time your ad goes live that way you can track each one of your ads and letting us know if any of them have been ghosted.

Q: Am promoting multiple products on craigslist with multiple descriptions and images, how should i send you my contents?

A: You can either use Google Documents or just email them to us manually. If you do have your own proffered sending methods please contact customer support through a Live Chat.

Q: What if my ad gets ghosted and I already made a payment?

A: We don’t count for ghosted/deleted ads you will only be paying for posted ads; your ghosted ads will be credited as new ads on the next day.


If there any other question not listed above, please contact Customer Support through a Live Chat.

Skype: monirul301


Number: +1 917 477 7388


Live Craigslist Ads Post!

Welcome in the World of Expert Classified Posters! Your non Stop Craigslist Posting Service providers. Using unique strategies to post ads in all the top cities and categories on Craigslist, we have you covered! You can now have ads for your services or products appear nationwide to thousands of potential customers on the 9th most visited site in the US! Contact us now to get started!
Craigslist is world’s best classifieds websites. More than million visitor visits to these websites. Craigslist is a great site to list and sell products and service based businesses. Our Craigslist posting services will be amazingly successful for you or any of your business e.g. mortgages broker, a carpet cleaner, a plumber or a retailer.
Our Craigslist Ad Posting Service is what you need to effectively reap the benefits of the free classifieds. Posting ads require an expertise and also dedicated time which your business may or may not be at luxury to cater to on a regular basis. It is similar to having an ongoing promotional and marketing strategy. Our Craigslist Posting Service can ensure that you have a steady posting of ads hence increasing your company’s online presence.
All your company would have to do is to provide the content of the ad, select the cities you want to post & decide on the number of ads you want to be posted on Craigslist. The rest is taken care of by our professional team of posters, we will send you a link report when the work is complete so all ads will be verifiable.


Buy Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts!

Need to buy Craigslist phone verified accounts? How many should you buy? If you are thinking of buying phone verified accounts, you need to first work out how many ads you want to post on Craigslist.
Generally speaking, you can post once every 48 hours with a phone verified account. If you post anymore than one ad every 48 hours you run the risk of having your account put on hold. After you know the number of ads you want to post, it is easy to calculate how many phone verified accounts you require. If you want to post 10 ads per day on Craigslist, you will need double that amount of verified accounts.
Here is an example, if you were going to do 20 advertisements daily; you should get 40 phone verified Craigslist accounts. Again, this is because phone verified accounts should only be used once every 48 hours. If you were planning on posting 100 ads every day, you would have to get 200 Craigslist phone verified accounts.
If you don’t double the number of ads and buy that many accounts, you may find that that phone verified accounts are blacklisted. When you buy phone verified Craigslist accounts, just remember to purchase twice as many accounts as ads you want to post.


Buy GEO Target’s USA Phone Numbers!

We offer top quality Forwarded phone numbers and phone verified accounts. And we provide high quality RDSL service with 100% replacement guaranty.
We are the largest USA Phone Number or PVA seller or Provider. We sell high quality USA Phone Number and PVA. All phone Numbers are US based and PVA ‘S are created Unique IP address.
You can get from here two kinds of number random and Geo targeted Number. Our numbers are of the highest quality you can find period and are active for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days and include extra times.
All Number or PVA delivery in 6-24 hours. And have replacement Guaranty in 7 days. You can order complete from here click by ORDER and Directed.


Quick Delivery!

Now get your Order Delivered in just 24 Hours. We will email you the details of your accounts in excel sheet so that it’s easier for you to keep the account details.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!

We try make sure our clients are confident that they will receive an honest service, from an honest company, in a risk free If you’re not satisfied with a product you purchase from us you can return it to us for a full refund of the product price.

Best in Class Support

We at Real PVA provide our customers 24/7 support 365 days a year. Thus helping you get instant response to your queries.

Affordable Price!

We at Real PVA are determined to provide our customers most affordable prices so that it ends up being mutually beneficial.


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